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Counselling and consulting practice on the North Shore of Sydney


Professional Accreditations, Qualifications & Memberships

*BUPA, ARHG, Medibank & AHM members may be entitled to a benefit.

Please contact your insurance company to see if you can claim.

Recovery is not only possible, but the recovery that's available with the amazing evidence based process that the Interpersonal Neurobiologist school of thought has provided is offering wellbeing greater than we have ever known!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

- Carl Jung

Counselling is an opportunity to become conscious. In my experience, no one arrives at a counsellors office happy to be there. I have heard it said that counselling and the path of recovery is like being dragged behind a bus. Eventually we learn to smile while we are being dragged!

Once we get on this journey, life changing experiences, inside and out, seem to occur if we have the courage to look within. If we are able to be open, honest and willing to move forward in a different direction, a new and wonderful life better than we had ever known can happen.

Counselling should be a doorway through which we walk that opens up a world of support which might include 12 Step Meetings, Group Work, Relationship and Family Counselling, Mindfulness, Yoga and a general improvement in self care.


Sex Addiction
Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Anger Issues
Disclosure Service
Porn Addiction
Developmental Trauma
EFT For Couples
Love/Avoidance Addiction
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Sex Addict Partner Support
Childhood Sexual Assault
Interventions and Group Work
Emotional Focus Therapy


Certified Sex Addiction Treatment
Certified Sex Addiction
Radical Exposure Therapy (Tapping)
Radical Exposure Tapping
Level II - Advanced Practice
Post Induction Therapy - Pia Mellody
Post Induction Therapy
- Pia Mellody
Yallom Group Process Work
Men's and Mixed Groups
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