MOvember Event! Laughter Yoga Workshop.
Sunday November 19th. 2pm 1 hour session followed by MOvember Men’s health presentation. $25 donation to my MOvember Campaign ( more gratefully accepted!)
Location: South Turramurra. 
Email : for bookings or call 0408438279.

For this years Movember Campaign I am offering a Laughter Yoga Workshop. 
Being a new Laughter Yoga Teacher I want to offer the unique experience of the benefits of using Laughter Exercises with Yogic breathing.
You get to laugh for no reason at all!
What starts as an exersize soon turns into real and infectious laughter.
Brings more oxygen into the body benefiting our health and wellbeing.
Body cannot differentiate between real and fake laughter and therefore we get the same physiological and Psychological benefits.
So come and have a Laugh and experience the benefits of Laughter Yoga for a great cause!

Laughter Yoga Workshop Sunday November 19th 2pm